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Our Packaging

Hey new packaging!

We're excited to introduce our new and rebranded packaging.

Why did we change? Because of our commitment to minimizing our environmental impact on the world and providing a premium experience.

We've kept our designs simple and clean, featuring natural textures that reflect the beauty of the materials we use.

Our outer box!

Meet our new, simple, and sustainable cardboard outer box.

What does it feature? High-quality, made from 100% recyclable paper and sturdy and protective layer for your precious jewelry.

Our pink envelopes!

Bright, glossy, and pink. Our new envelopes will store your jewelry and keep it safe and secure, with a playful touch to it, just the way we like it.

At Hey Harper, we believe that reducing our environment impact and do it in style can coexist. Our rebranded packaging is the perfect example of this! We're committed to using eco-friendly materials and reducing waste while providing our customers beautiful packaging. We look forward to continuing to improve and innovating.

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