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Claudia M.

Bigger than my first engagement ring.

Diamonds are out, not woke enough. Solid gold jewelry is out, inflation keeps the poor poor, and men buying jewelry is antifeminist. For those girlies who are looking to wear a fake promise ring to the bar to repel the fuqboiiz that won't tarnish or snag on your hair as you vomit: this is it. Twice as big as my first engagement ring (give the boy a break, he was 24), sparkly enough to mimic real perodite, 100% waterproof and so far even my exfoliants don't dull the shine. Get it or regret it!

Brett H.

Must buy!

Wow! This watch turned my girlfriend into a time-traveling fashionista! Now she's always fashionably late... in every era! The only downside? I'm starting to suspect she's been sneaking off to meet historical figures. Nevertheless, 10/10 for style, mystery, and a gift that keeps on giving (me a headache). Ready for our next adventure, timepiece in tow!

Maria P.


I've been wearing these for a couple of days, and I can't stop receiving compliments from strangers. Ladies, men, and even children will stop me while walking to let me know that my earrings look stunning, and it's a pleasure to witness. If you want to make an impression and feel lifted up, I definitely recommend them (I'll be getting more).

Jamie M.

Why did I not buy these sooner ?!

I’ve seen the hey Harper ads on Instagram for months now and I finally pulled the trigger and bought 5 pieces from them. OMG why did I wait ?! All of the jewelry is amazing quality. This necklace is perfect to wear on the beach to dress up your bathing suit. So glad I found a piece of jewelry that I don’t have to worry about getting ruined in the sun or water.

Heather H.

These are THE moment

I am going to pierce my ears three more times so I can buy more pairs of this earring. Lightweight! Waterproof! I can dance in the rain without even feeling them or having to worry about getting them wet. If you need a main character-moment earring… these are the ones.

Carrie S.

Crowning Glory: A Glittering Review of the Dazzling Necklace That Stole My Heart! ⭐💖

Wearing this necklace feels like adorning a piece of art; it effortlessly elevates any outfit, making me feel radiant and confident. The quality is evident, and I appreciate the attention to detail that went into every aspect of its creation. If you're searching for a piece that seamlessly blends elegance, quality, and sentimentality, look no further. This necklace is a true testament to timeless beauty and craftsmanship. ✨💎

Arlene M.

Title: "Ring-a-Ding-Ding: My Gold Rose Ring – Nature's Laughter in Metal Form!"

I call it my "floral bling," because who needs a garden when you can have a golden rose that never wilts? It's like a forever bouquet, but without the awkward conversation with the delivery fella. This ring is the superhero of jewelry – it rescues my outfits from the clutches of dullness. It's my secret weapon against bad hair days and Monday blues. Plus, the rose shape doubles as a not-so-subtle hint to anyone who thinks they can outdo me in the gift-giving department. Good luck topping a golden rose, folks!

Lauren H.

Seaside running goddess

Picture this: You’re at the beach after a morning run, the sun kissing your skin, and you adorn yourself with the Maravilla Huggies. Suddenly, you’re not just a runner; you’re a seaside goddess, accessorized with the sparkle of the ocean and the strength of your stride

Ruth K.


as lady gaga would say, brilliant. incredible. amazing. show-stopping. spectacular. i wasn't sold on this wavy ring, but on your fingers it looks *chef's kiss*. it has a good weight to it, feels unbreakable, and has survived many dishwashing sessions looking as good as new. if you want a minimal, clean ring that's a little more exciting than a straight band, THIS IS FOR YOU.

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